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Progress Statements of SAGIT Projects – March 2016

Below are the links to the Progress Statements of the SAGIT projects being conducted in conjunction with UA and SADGA

“SAGIT Gross Margin Sensitivity Analysis Trials”

UA415 Supplementary Quality Results FINAL 2015

UA415 Supplementary File 1

Southern DBA Forums 2015 J_Able

 “SAGIT Durum Heat Tolerance Trials”

SAGIT 2016_Progress_Statement UA1415

UA1415 Supplementary File


Below is the link to Bridget Penna’s summary on the SAGIT website

DG1202: A new approach to grass weed control for durum wheat


NAB – Agribusiness sponsor Southern Australia Durum Growers Association

The Southern Australia Durum Growers Association are delighted to have National Australia Bank – Agribusiness join our sponsorship program.

NAB Agribusiness is Australia’s leading Agribusiness Bank and has proudly been supporting Australian farmers for more than 150 years, employing more than 600 agribusiness banking specialists in 110 locations Australia-wide to support our customers.

With local and industry knowledge, our Agribusiness team understand the unique financial and environmental needs of farmers and businesses beyond the farm gate – whether they provide inputs into agriculture or process, distribute or market primary produce. Continue reading