The Southern Australia Durum Growers Association Inc relies on the generous support of our sponsors.





Grain Growers is an independent and technically resourced, grain farmer representative organisation with over 18,000 members across Australia. http://www.graingrowers.com.au/

Glencore Agriculture aims to ensure the competitiveness of Australian grain in the global market place by creating the most efficient supply chain and working closely with our grower and end-use customers to meet their needs. https://glencoreagriculture.com.au/


San Remo contracts growers to grow its top quality Durum wheat, thus guaranteeing control over the quality and specifications of the wheat. This results in pasta of the highest quality, and ensures high standards of integrity. https://sanremo.com.au/

Syngenta combines focused research and development on Australian farms with local expertise to drive the productivity and profitability of Australian crop growers. It all begins with knocking out weeds, protecting your seed and defending crops from disease.  https://www.syngenta.com.au/crops

As a plant breeding research company, we get excited by new technology, innovation and scientific breakthroughs. Our talented and dedicated team use new mechanical solutions, robotics, computer science, GPS, tissue culture, and the latest biological and genetic theory on a daily basis. We are excited to see scientific concepts transformed into real solutions that deliver value to Australian grain growers. http://www.agtbreeding.com.au/


At ADM, everything we do starts with you. As the world’s population grows, so does demand for quality foods, feed ingredients for livestock, alternative fuels, and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional chemicals. As one of the world’s leading agricultural processors, ADM plays a pivotal role in meeting all of these needs. http://www.admgrain.com.au/

Grow a better tomorrow (TM). As an Australian manufacturer, our crop protection products are designed to perform in Australian Conditions. With our extensive network of regional service centres in key agricultural areas, Nufarm can store products closer to you meaning they’re on farm in the shortest possible time. https://www.nufarm.com/AU/Home
Viterra operates a storage and handling network spanning key growing regions in South Australia and western Victoria with a total storage capacity of over 10 million tonnes. We manage upcountry sites and strategically located port terminals to provide an efficient, cost effective and reliable supply chain to meet the requirements of our grower, domestic user and export customers. http://www.viterra.com.au/
Mellco is a 100% Australian owned and is active in the durum wheat marketplace working closely with domestic and international processors. In addition, a close working relationship has been established with the plant breeding community to assist the alignment between future market needs and current breeding priorities. http://www.mellco.com.au/
AGDAustralian Growers Direct Pty Ltd (AGD) is a progressive privately owned organisation with a national focus, international linkages and a strong regional presence. AGD was established in 2004 with the specific objective of supporting South Australian (SA) grain growers to market their grain more skilfully. http://www.ausgrowersdirect.com.au/
SAGIT provides local solutions to local problems, investing more than $2 million each year in supporting SA centric grains research. As an independent organisation SAGIT research is not commercially influenced and is accountable to growers, so you can be confident in the outcomes. SAGIT has the capacity to leverage and collaborate with other organisations such as the GRDC, but is nimble enough to respond quickly as issues develop. http://sagit.com.au/
FMC is one of the leading global chemical companies serving agriculture with innovative solutions, applications and quality products. https://www.fmccrop.com.au
CHS Broadbent is a grain supply chain company based in Ballarat Victoria with a proud family history of servicing agricultural producers for over 60 years. With storage, handling and packing facilities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, a fleet of trucks, expert staff and a locally based grain marketing team with international connections, we strive to develop solutions that complement your hard work – your complete supply chain partner. www.chsbroadbent.com

As one of the leaders in cereal breeding in Australia, InterGrain offers market leading wheat, barley and oat varieties for growers. Our highly successful wheat, barley and oat breeding programs are designed to target the major cereal growing regions of Australia. It is our vision is to support the competitive advantage and sustainability of the Australian agriculture sector.  www.intergrain.com