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AURORA DURUM WHEAT SEED FOR SALE available South Australia, Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

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Aurora Durum Crop September 2017
Lower North, South Australia

Aurora added in pursuit of Higher Profit Potential

Depressed grain prices has encouraged Bute farmer James Venning along with many other farmers to pursue growing Aurora Durum as part of their crop rotation in a bid to boost profitability. Aurora has been demonstrating high yields and low screenings and of the
Durum’s it has proven to be one of the better varieties for early vigour. Paula Thompson from Stock Journal recently interviewed one of our new growers James Venning, whose father had previously grown Durum fourteen years ago but removed it from his rotations as it did not consistently provide reliability for him as a crop.
The new variety Aurora has been a winner  in reliability for our growers.  For more information read the attached Stock Journal article published June 1st 2017.

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        Durum Wheat Seed
              DBA Aurora
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Available bulk direct off header 4T minimum
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Also available Cleaned in 1T bulker bags

Southern Australia Durum Growers Association Inc
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Aurora Durum performs well with hot dry finish to season

Aurora Crop Georgetown Aurora Crop Reaping Aurora crop 1ORDER YOUR DURUM SEED NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!

Aurora Durum crop at Georgetown, South Australia.

Despite there being a hot dry spring  (with no spring rain)  the Aurora performed very well in most districts, with it being reported that the quality is excellent.

The Aurora crop (left) at Georgetown South Australia  was classified as DR1 with the average yield being 2.94 t/ha. The average protein was 13.05 and average screenings 3.15. with a very good test weight.



Aurora Durum crop being reapt on Bruce Crawford’s property Georgetown, South Australia.