Variety Facts

DBA Spes

Dr Jason Able released the new variety Spes at the Roseworthy and South East  crop-walks in spring 2018. Dr Able states that DBA Spes assists in alleviating some of the risk associated wit growing durum and improves durum’s fit in the farming system rotation.

Variety Snapshot

  • DBA Spes maintains a high relative yield
  • Slightly superior resistance to stem rust
  • Equivalent or slightly superior disease resistance package to other diseases
  • Acceptable protein average
  • Delivers improved grain size over older varieties.

For more information on DBA Spes see fact sheet:







Dr Jason Able released the new Durum Variety at the Hart Field Day today 16th September 2014.


When compared to other current commercial grown varieties including Hyperno, Saintly, Tjilkuri, Yawa and WID802 – Aurora stacks up by: Maintaining a high relative yield;  Having a superior disease resistance package;  Has an acceptable protein average;  Delivering improved grain size;  Importantly, having reduced screenings compared to some varieties;  Sowing early vigour and weed competitiveness.

DBA-Aurora will help alleviate some of the risk associated with growing durum and improve durum’s fit in the farming system rotation.

DBA-Aurora has been granted the Wheat Quality Australia classification ADR [Australian premium durum] for both the southern and northern regions of Australia.

DBA-Aurora is a great example of how the grower levies paid each year to the GRDC for research investment is directly coming back to them in the form of a very real, tangible return that will improve their on-farm profitability

For more information contact Jason Able.

                                             DBA Spes Fact Sheet –

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New variety at Georgetown

Variety DBA Aurora sown 6th May on Bruce and Jan Crawford’s property at Georgetown [Kittos 1].