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Neville Sharpe Recognised for Contribution to Durum Industry

The Southern Australia Durum Growers Association facilitated an appreciation dinner for Neville Sharpe to acknowledge his contribution to the Durum Industry. An inscribed silver tray was presented to Neville during the evening.

Neville presented Tray
L to R: Alwyn Dyer (Chairperson), Neville Sharpe, Jeanette Sharpe

Neville was one of the pioneers in establishing the Durum industry in South Australia and approximately 60 guests attended to celebrate and reflect on the work and passion that Neville has undertaken over the last 28 years. All the past Chairpersons of the Southern Australia Durum Growers Association were present at the dinner to assist Neville with the celebrations and to recognise his significant involvement, commitment and dedication to the Durum Industry in South Australia.

Past & Present Chairperson SADGAPast Chairmen of SADGA
L to R:
Allan Kelly, John Rohde, Neville Sharpe, Michael Jaeschke (hidden), John Lush, Alwyn Dyer, John Green, Mark Hill, Leith Cooper. 



Sharpe Family



Neville with his wife Jeanette, son Matthew and daughters Bronwyn and Susan were able to hear many speakers, past Chairpersons, Harley Milling representative, Plant Breeder Dr Jason Able  reflect on Neville’s contribution to the industry.


The Chairperson Alwyn Dyer spoke of Neville’s work within the Durum industry over many years. He highlighted that one on the major achievements was Neville assisting the industry work through contamination issues a decade ago.

Neville during this period has been Chairperson, Treasurer and Seed Manager until  recently.

Current Committe with Dr Jason Able

Current SADGA Committee with Plant Breeder Dr Jason Able and Neville Sharpe who is currently still a committee member.
L to R:
Mark McInerney, Dr Jason Able, Michael Jaeschke, Neville Sharpe, Adrian McCabe, Jan Crawford (Treasurer), Ben Hunt, Nick May, Alwyn Dyer (Chairman), Malcolm Eastwood, Simon Mildren, John Green, Ann Price (Secretary), Leith Cooper, Mark Hill. 

Progress Statements of SAGIT Projects – February 2017

Below are the links to the Progress Statements of the SAGIT projects being conducted in conjunction with University of Adelaide and SADGA.

SAGIT Gross Margin Sensitivity Analysis Trials…/UA415-Supplementary-File-1_2016.pdf…/UA415-Supplementary-File-2_2016-RAC-Site-Example.pdf

UA415 Supplementary File 3_2016 COO Site Example…/UA415-Supplementary-Quality-Results-FINAL-2016.xlsx

SAGIT Durum Heat Tolerance Trials

UA1415 Supplementary File

SAGIT 2017_Progress_Statement UA1415





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Good weather provided successful day for Mid North Crop Walk

Approximately 35 interested farmers and industry representatives attended the Mid North Crop Walk which commenced at Roseworthy College Trial Site after which the group had an enjoyable lunch at the Roseworthy Hotel, and subsequently visited the Turretfield trial site.
The day began with an unexpected visit from Ramesh Segaran from URAF, University of Adelaide with his drone which he demonstrated and spoke to the group regarding the value of this asset and its uses in agriculture and how these drones are used on trial sites. drone-of-trial-site

“Sky-High: Looking down from a drone shot at the Roseworthy Durum field day on the 7th September 2016, where the SAGIT-funded durum wheat vs bread wheat gross margin trials are sown. These trials, along with several others were discussed. Thanks to Ramesh at URAF, the University of Adelaide for taking the time to talk drones with the audience and capturing this image.”
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