Kaniva 2016 Forum

Farmers and Sponsors at Sponsor Dinner

Farmers and Sponsors at Sponsor Dinner


The Southern Australia Durum Growers Association’s forum at Kaniva on March 23rd was attended by 25 people comprising local farmers and sponsors. On the Tuesday night a barbeque sponsor’s dinner was held with 22 people attending.

Attendees at Kaniva Forum

The Forum had an excellent range of speakers that presented during the morning, which was followed by a Pasta lunch held at the Club Hotel with the Pasta being donated by San Remo and the drinks by ADM.

                                                               Attendees listening to one of the presenters at the Kaniva Forum

Crowd at Kaniva Forum
                                  Some of attendees at Forum



Below: Some of the speakers at Kaniva Forum
L:R Hugh Wallwork, Marg Evans, (SARDI); Dr Jason Able (U of A, Waite) Rob Wheeler, (SARDI)

Hugh Wallwork arg Young Jason Able Rob Wheeler

Rob Wheeler from SARDI provided an update of Durum varieties currently being used in NVT trials and how they have faired. 

Dr Jason Able presented the highlights of the 2015 Durum breeding program and outlined the current strategies. Aurora is doing well across Southern Australia and is still ahead of other varieties in the Durum breeding program. Jason presented data on 3 varieties in his program which he is keen to take further along the program as they are looking promising.  The Durum over the five breeding program sites faired better than the bread wheats. The heat tolerance trial which is being undertaken at Roseworthy compared DBA Aurora and some new Durum variety entries against the heat tolerant bread wheat Halberd with the DBA Aurora and the new Durum variety entries performing better.

Hugh Wallwork Jason Able Ben Hunt

Shaun Rowe Research Officer from SARDI spoke about the Predicta B Service and the improvements that have been made to this service. More information is available at www.pir.sa.gov.au/predoctab

L:R Back Hugh Wallwork (PIRSA/SARDI),
Ben Hunt (SADGA Vice Chairperson)
Front: Dr Jason Able (University of Adelaide, Waite.)

Tom Smibert from Glencore spoke on the market trades for Durum with Australia producing 2% of the world Durum but providing the best quality in the world.

Hugh Wallwork, PIRSA/SARDI spoke on the development of Crown Rot Resistance in Durum and presented the work currently being undertaken. Currently looking at what percentage yield loss is acceptable to reduce the crown rot infection rate.

Jeremy White from the National Australia Bank presented the World economic outlook and the impact this has on Australia.

David Evans from Grain Growers Ltd outlined the online crop management platform for farmers known as Production Wise. More information is available www.productionwise.com.au

Justin Wilks from ADM Trading presented the world wheat scene.   ADM Trading does not own any infrastructure in Australia with most of it being in the United States. ADM has a strong focus on the Asian Market for wheat trading.

John Barbetti from IMTrade presented on the Pre-Emergent Herbicide for the control of Rye Grass and Wild Oats Jetti Duo. All SADGA members that purchase Jetti Duo will provide the Southern Australia Durum Growers Association with 1% (GST Exc) of the purchase price as a donation to SADGA to fund future industry research. Please ensure you notify your retailer if you purchase Jetti Duo and you are a SADGA member. To registration of interest in the product can be undertaken by contacting john.barbetti@imtrade.com.au

Farmers as Sponsors dinnerFarmers at sponsorship dinner on night
before forum.