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“New Durum Variety DBA Spes released at the 2018 Roseworthy Crop Walk”

  • We released this new durum variety from the DBA ‘stable’ at the mid-north and SE crop walks. Spes, in Roman mythology, is the Goddess for Hope. Originally she was a nature Goddess – and hence initially represented the hope of fruitful gardens and fields, abundance and harvest, prosperity to come and good fortune in general. So here is hoping that DBA Spes is a good fit for many durum growers in the years ahead, just as Aurora has been and will continue to be.
  • DBA Spes maintains a high relative yield potential, it has an equivalent or slightly superior disease resistance package (e.g. R for stem rust; MRMS for CCN), and has comparable or slightly better screenings levels than DBA Aurora (region dependent). It has been classified ADR by Wheat Quality Australia.

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“Update on GRDC Project UA00159: Improving wheat yields on sodic soils”  – Rhiannon Schilling

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“Improving Weed Control”, “Knowing your Nitrogen” and “When to put your crop in” reports

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“A New Approach To Grass Weed Control in Durum Wheat report”

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News from the breeding program at the University of Adelaide, Dr Jason Able

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Chairman’s Annual Report 2014

2014 SADGA/SAGIT Durum Wheat Trial programme

The aim of the 2014 durum agronomy trials is to represent the data taken from previous year’s trials to create a scenario comparing the best practice to an average practice in terms of weed control in durum wheat ….   for the full report click here  Durum Weed Control Best Practice Trial


For more information please visit Dr Jason Able’s website at Jason Able Senior Lecturer in Plant Breeding