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Blyth 2016 Pre-Seeding Forum

On April 6th at the Durum Pre-Seeding Forum at Blyth 40 farmers, sponsors and consultants attended to hear a broad range of excellent speakers on a variety of topics  – research, marketing, chemicals. A pasta lunch followed at the Blyth Hotel with pasta provided San Remo and drinks by Imtrade

Below is the link to the Stock Journal’s report on the Forum by Paula Thompson

SJ Blyth Report April 2016

Kaniva 2016 Forum

Farmers and Sponsors at Sponsor Dinner

Farmers and Sponsors at Sponsor Dinner


The Southern Australia Durum Growers Association’s forum at Kaniva on March 23rd was attended by 25 people comprising local farmers and sponsors. On the Tuesday night a barbeque sponsor’s dinner was held with 22 people attending.

Attendees at Kaniva Forum

The Forum had an excellent range of speakers that presented during the morning, which was followed by a Pasta lunch held at the Club Hotel with the Pasta being donated by San Remo and the drinks by ADM.

                                                               Attendees listening to one of the presenters at the Kaniva Forum

Crowd at Kaniva Forum
                                  Some of attendees at Forum



Below: Some of the speakers at Kaniva Forum
L:R Hugh Wallwork, Marg Evans, (SARDI); Dr Jason Able (U of A, Waite) Rob Wheeler, (SARDI)

Hugh Wallwork arg Young Jason Able Rob Wheeler

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South East/West Wimmera Durum Crop Walk 2015

1 Jason Able, Nathan Tink and Lachie Eats at Jolpac rural suppies site Bordertown Two very successful days were held in South East West Wimmera area in early October. The crop walk included a variety of presentations both in South Australia south east and over the border at Kaniva. Trials that were viewed:

  • Jolpac trials of durum and bread wheat and time of seeding trials. (see photo Nathan Tink, Lachie Eats and Jason Able at the trial site)
  • Gross Margin trial Durum wheat versus Bread wheat versus milling oats and barley.
  • NVT trials in West Wimmera region for Durum wheat, bread wheat and barley.
  • Early Generation S2 trial.

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Mid North Durum Crop Walk 2015

DSCN4140_003AlwynApproximately 50 interested farmers and industry representatives attended the Mid North Crop Walk which commenced at Richard Konzag’s property where Herbicide Tolerance trials are being conducted. The day proceeded to the GRDC Dispersive Soils project site and the DBA Durum varieties trial. This was followed by a visit to Roseworthy College to view the Genetic characterisations and exploitation of heat stress on Durum project and the ‘Growing Durum Demand in SA Gross Margin Sensitivity Analysis trials.

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